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Come alone or bring your stone hearted friends ;  For once let’s show them how it will end.

Shying away from what your end will be is stupid. So, don’t be stupid — Come, for once, come visit my grave.

Stonehearted turn soft when they visit this compound, of dead men and women, lying breathless – waiting for their final journey towards beginning of another end. I am not warning you, I am requesting you – for many stonehearted came here and I could see tears in their eyes.

After seeing their final resting place, some cried like babies, some still could not let go of their masks and pretended to be ‘normal’ and fought with their eyes, who wanted to shed tears, but their image would be ruined — ah, the mask!

Here on my right lies a famous fashion designer, who designed expensive clothes for rich women, but now lies enslaved in simple sleeveless cloth. He did not wear cheap clothes, for it was a sign of poverty, but now this very simple white piece of cloth covers his body.

And on my left, a businessman, whose pharmaceutical company made millions selling drugs to sick but none of his drugs could save him. He used to brag about his riches, and was never satisfied with his house, so he kept building new castles to accommodate himself but he now lies here beside me, buried under ‘cheap’ stone.

In front of me, a spoiled brat from the elite, who had nothing to do in life, so he kept racing and it eventually took his life. His daddy bought him new cars whenever he requested – Oh those fine pieces of metal, the Mercedes, the Buggatis, the Jaguars. But the poor fellow rode a wooden box as his last car – when he was buried here few years ago.

Some here, in my new neighborhood, did not learn to serve, did not learn to give even when God gave them the worldly blessings. But now their time has passed and they cannot move an insect from their noses. Oh here lies those whose only purpose of living was to tan their faces, and be social in the ‘hip-crowd’ but now they have died and disappeared from their social circles, without making any difference.

Some here were big bosses, who used to roam with their heads high in their black suits and carrying branded leather briefcases. They used to hire and fire people daily but see if you can spot them? Who is who? And whose is what?

I came to know the one lying behind me did not like to eat cheap food, now there is no café to visit nor no food to eat.

Time clicked, tick a tock and that was it. All that we thought we possessed was left behind and here, only moments of truth live.

More about the moments of truth later…

Dead Man Talking Part I

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi | Plastic Teaz: An Insight

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Growing up, my school text-books taught me our history, Pakistan’s history. Only after I was grown up, I had the “wisdom” to unveil the side of history never taught to me, the version of history at times, deliberately kept hidden.  

One could write a lot, complain a lot and express ones mistrust in these text-books as they teach distorted version of history to our kids, and fuel certain sentiments that overall, reflect the mind-set of the nation.  

As Quaid ordered us, not to let the clergy to overtake Pakistan and fulfill their self-prophesized “divine” missions here:   

In any case Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic State to be ruled by priests with a divine mission. We have many non-Muslims –Hindus, Christians, and Parsis –but they are all Pakistanis. They will enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizens and will play their rightful part in the affairs of Pakistan. – [Broadcast talk to the people of the United States of America on Pakistan recorded February, 1948.]


He also asks a Hindu, Joginder Nath Mandal to be the chairman of the first constituent assembly of Pakistan. Subsequently, he appointed Mandal as the law minister. Open-minded academics are yet to be convinced about how an adherent of the Hindu faith would have helped initially as chairman and later as minister of a law to draft an ‘Islamic’ constitution.  

One such portion of our history, intentionally kept hidden (as I assume) is the history of our national anthem.  

Pakistan’s first national anthem was written by a Hindu-Urdu poet Jagan Nath Azad, on orders of Quaid-E-Azam. The “Aye Sar Zameen-E-Pak” remained to be our national anthem till 1948 (for around 1 and half year after independence), only to be discarded after the death of Quaid-E-Azam. None of the Pakistan Studies books I grew up studying (and scoring highest marks, always, taught me that).  

For those of you wondering, what was our first national anthem like:

Aye sar zameen e Pak
Zarray teray ajj sitaron say taabnak
Roshan hai kehkashan say kaheen aj teri khaak
Tundi-e-Hasdaan pey hai, ghalib tera swaak
Daman wo sil gaya hai jot ha mudatton say chaak
Aye sar zameen e Pak
“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  – George Santayana


Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi | Plastic Tearz: An Insight  





Photograph by Obaid (for Photography for Change '10)

Photograph by Obaid (for Photography for Change '10)



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When there was nothing left to burn

I set myself on fire

Holding it strong between my fingers

I lit the cigarette of desire

As nicotine overwhelmed my mind

Words began to unwind

And here I am, with no shame

Writing poetry, up in flame

There’s something mad in the puff

That makes you bear even the cough

Feel the smoke dance in front

Feel the blaze of the blunt

Forget the sorrow and the joy

Feel the magic of this toy

Those who say it kills before time

Ask them, friend, are you divine?

And those who ask:

To smoke or not to smoke

Ask them: To hope or not to hope?

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi: Plastic Tearz – An Insight

Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health. It causes cancer of all sorts and you should ‘nt really smoke, please. This was just a poetic rambling, of a smokin’ poet :P. Dont use any portion of this stupid poem as a justification to kill yourself (like you will live forever without it :P, HAHAHA)

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Kahan thay Pakistani tum?
Kahan thay Pakistani tum?

Jab Aamir nay, Jab Zaalim nay
Jab deen key jhotay aalim nay
Apas may tumhay laraaya tha
Nafrat ka sabaq parhaya tha
Tum apnoon say hi dartay thay
Apas may lartay martay thay
Jab maon behnoon key sar say
Wuh chaadar cheena kartay thay
Aur zulm ki chaahat bhartay thay
Kahan thay Pakistani tum?
Kahan thay Pakistani tum?

Jab watan-e-aziz ki izzat ku
Wuh paon say ronda kartay thay
Iqbal key shaheen bachay bhi
Ek Haq ki baat say dartay thay?
Jab choor daaku mil kar sab
Taaqat key aiwanoon may
Qanuun banaya kartay thay
Aur qaatil loot key ghurbat say
Gallion may faakhir phirtay thay

Kahan thay Pakistani tum?
Kahan thay Pakistani tum?


Jab chaand tara jhanday ka
Zulmat ki aag may jalta tha
Tum sooba sooba kartay thay
Aur kaafir kaafir kehtay thay
Uss key naam pey dharti may
Khoon bahaya kartay thay.
Khud kash hamlon say apnay
Kya khoob tamasha kartay thay.
Ab Uss say naala kartay ho?

Ab Zaidi tumsay kehta hai
Key waqt hi tumsay puchay ga

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi – Plastic Tearz: An Insight

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A Poetic Utterance of A Conspiracy Theorist.

Don’t believe the news
It’s all controlled by Jews;
And don’t wear those shoes
They spoil your sacred views?

This is all a propaganda
From Japan to Uganda
We never made mistakes
None of us was ever fake.

Wake up and don’t be weary
This isn’t another theory
I lost my wisdom tooth
They punched me for the truth

Don’t peep inside for faults
We are but sinless vaults
We are the soldiers of God
At us the angels nod

Our faith never shook
We memorized the holy book
Our ways are always right
We perform our religious rites

Zionists are on their way
To grasp their Muslim prey
Don’t correct yourself, just fight
You have the faith and might

At times I don’t have proof
But I know the truth, you goof
Their ways are void of reason
And I expose their subtle treason

They are bigger than you aspire
The very reason of worldly fire
But against me they can’t conspire
Because I am bigger then them, O Sire!

When my Lord had made the call
Iblis “conspired” to make him fall
Adam never committed the sin
The conspiracy brought him in!

And if Zaidi writes this song
To prove my fallacies wrong
He’s also one of them
A traitor not a friend..

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi – Plastic Tearz: An Insight. A Madman. A Wanderer




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What should I tell you
How can I tell you,
How it was,
What it was,
When it was;
Them and us.

What air, what breath!
What life, what death :
What mortal, what divine
What yours, what mine!

When the difference vanished,
And duality went,
Unity overwhelmed;
You and me.

When the mirror reflected,
Me in you and you in me,
And I rubbed my eyes,
Only to find;
A clearer you.

It was just the start,
For my wounded heart.
As the mirror became sight,
And sight became eyes
And eyes were us.
Neither I, Nor thee.
It was WE.

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
A mad man, A wanderer.
Plastic Tears: An Insight.

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Before you look in the mirror of my eyes
Dont pretend to smile, dont wear disguise
I cant see your soul, see the life you live
Only source of truth is the bit that you give

Am I talking to the tree or child behind?
The whirlpool of thoughts clutter my mind
I want to know the truth, all that you do
The things that you think, the “you” that is true

Are you looking for dogma to live like a cult
Or seeking the truth like a mystic adult
Are you looking to live, living to find
Freedom from cages that limit your mind?


Do I scare you? Frustrate you?

Intice you or irritate you?

Do I shake your concepts or weaken your trust
Do I call dust, ashes and ashes, dust?

Look in my eyes, what do you see ?
Reflection of you, with sincerity
Do you see a little of yourself in me ?
Now take off the mask, so we can be free

Call me unfaithful, call me a liar

Curse my existence, damn me to fire

But expose the real, “you” have tried to hide
It may resemble the “me” that lies inside..

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
A wanderer, a mad man!
Sketch Courtesy: Visaal Hashmi

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