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Cross posting documentary made on me & PYA by Al-Jazeera English, highlighting some of the work we do.


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About 1 year ago, when Gaza burnt, I felt it. There was something in me, telling me, shouting at me, knocking my conscience’s door that we need to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Activists are activists because they work more than they talk. Therefore, some of us decided to launch this “Pak-Palestine Solidarity Front “. The response was wonderful; I read articles on famous newspapers (click the link to read) about how PYA was helping woe-struck “Muslims”. The campaign ended in around two weeks.

A very dear friend of mine, who might not like me mentioning him here, but I know would understand the cause behind it, joined our ranks. He is a Palestinian by blood and he really wanted to help us raise funds that were sent to MuslimHands (the only NGO working in Gaza at that time). Here is a facebook-message conversation with him:

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi January 19 at 1:14am

What man? It’s late and I don’t have time to discuss your lovelife atm

AYS (See bro I am not mentioning your full name) January 19 at 1:29am

Bro I just heard about Pak Palestine Solidarity front, its cool if I want to help? Lets start 2morrow

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi January 19 at 1:31am

Sure dude. Would call you up tomm.

Anyways, we collected a considerable amount from streets, literally begged on streets after work/school/business and did our humble best to help Gaza.

The campaign ended and we were facing another catastrophe, this time not in Gaza but our own Swat was burning. We couldn’t stay quiet and thanks to some more friends, started “Swat Relief Campaign “. We utilized all the limited resources we had, came on TV shows, begged on streets, got shunned by the crowd and in the end, raised a considerable amount for each delivery made to Swat IDP’s. I at once, messaged AYS.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi May 13 at 2:17pm

Hey there. We have started Swat Relief Campaign. Pinch in and ask around for donations. Making unprecedented weekly deliveries to idp camps in mardan and nowshera.

Not till this day I have received his reply. Maybe he was busy. But we talked quite often even after that. He wasn’t that busy after all, he was just not interested. Same was the case with some other friends and acquaintances, who rallied for Gaza and preferred to sleep in their cozy beds when Swat burnt.

Gaza was a tragedy. But 35 Lakh people displaced from their homes, blood-stained, hunger and terror-struck, was also a tragedy of unparalleled nature.


It made me think. Are we too good or is the world too numb? Whatever the reason be, there was no excuse for anyone’s humanely nerve not feeling the pain of these homeless and dead.

Maybe being too good has brought us here. We have always fought someone else’s war in our land. Sometimes, too emotionally! And to me, this attitude of not looking inside and caring too much for the outer world has left our land in ruins.

Similarly, when 2009 ended. Facebook was teeming with statuses dedicated to Gaza. 2009 did more damage to Pakistan (in numbers, see stats) than Gaza. No one ever had a status dedicated to thousands of those who died in Pakistan. Not here, not around the world!

P.S: AYS no hard feelings 🙂

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