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Homer would be turning in his grave, wondering even after hundreds of thousands of years, as man has explored the unreachable and discovered the incommunicable, some progress would have been made on the patent matter of “LET THE GIRL DECIDE WHOM SHE WANTS TO MARRY”

Yes, the same Homer who brought to us the legend of Troy as the early history of ancient Greece. Helen of Troy is the object of one of the most dramatic love stories of all time and one of the main reasons for a ten-year war between the Greeks and Trojans, known as the Trojan War. Helen of Troy is known as the face that launched a thousand ships because of the vast number of warships the Greeks sailed to Troy to reclaim Helen.

Is Sania Mirza the new-age Helen? Some of our Indian friends are throwing the most irrational rants from across the border and not in a very friendly tone. One such headline read:

Indian political party furious on Shoaib-Sania wedding

We can ignore the unfounded politicization of the matter by conservative Indian political parties, but to the astonishment of modern-day Homer, vibes riddling down the Pakistani side of the border by Indian bloggers and Indians on social networking sites makes one wonder if the contemporary world is still not developed enough to acknowledge a woman’s right to marry according to her wishes, be it with a man from across the border.

I fail to understand why the news baffles my Indian friends. Guys, you seriously need to grow up and realize your not living in 500 BC. Let me show you some stuff that forces me to write this blogpost:

Sania is a b* she should be thrown out of India let her go and live with that Pakistani ba* -ram – jaipur

Sania,I was probably one of the biggest fan of yours,today I am ashamed of myself to be your fan since you prefered your ““momentary““ likings over your country.I am sorry can`t even wish you…..preeti – london

first of all every indian should kick to sania and her family to get lost our country and build ur business to our enemy country. gov“t of india should cancell her all citizen ship and back to received her all honour what ever has given to from ourcountry. suman siliguri -suman – siliguri

Muslims are muslims afterall….. all they care is religion and yeah..ofcourse jehad. she should first meet the relatives of terror victims and later we should kick her out of India..just like M F Hussain. BTW good to see so many desi youngistan expressing their view. Group up ppl…its time to kick the traitors out. Also remember what SRK said few days ago…… They are all the same. WAKE UP! –raven11 – Chennai

Star like Sachin, Amitab, Gavaskar, Padukone, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, A. Bindra etc are Indian Icon. Looking at tense relation with Pakistan, how can any Indian Citizen ever think of such act. God give her good sense. -S. Chaudhary – Pune

What sania mirza was, is because of India… we made her queen….but she chose to be A Pakistani…. God Bless her, don`t worry Sania, we are not going to miss you… you are not worthy of that…. -Sunita – Navi Mumbai

Random search on facebook proved more revealing:

We HATE Sania Mirza

We want Fatima Bhutto in return of Sania Mirza

1,000,000 people who hate sania mirza

We are lucky we aren’t living in the times of Troy when wars were fought over a woman and even if that were the case, we would have made sure that the last laugh accompanied chants of Pitt-cum-Malik: “Is there no one else?”

Let bygones be bygones, I think my angry friends should now worry about Sushmita Sen, Wasim Akram is single!

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It is autumn and the leaves are falling

All love has died on earth 

The wind is weeping with sorrowful tears 

My heart will never hope for a new spring again 

My tears and my sorrows are all in vain 

People are heartless, greedy and wicked… 

Love has died! 

The world has come to its end, hope has ceased to have a meaning 

Cities are being wiped out, shrapnel is making music 

Meadows are coloured red with human blood 

There are dead people on the streets everywhere 

I will say another quiet prayer: 

People are sinners, Lord , they make mistakes… 

The world has ended! 


Gloomy Sunday – the notorious ‘Hungarian Suicide Song’ – alleged to be the defining factor in countless suicides committed across the globe – was written in 1933. Its melody and original lyrics were the creation of Rezső Seress, a self-taught pianist and composer born in Hungary in 1899. 

The crushing hopelessness and bitter despair which characterised the two stanza penned by Seress were superseded by the more mournful, melancholic verses of Hungarian poet László Jávor. 

When the song came to public attention it quickly earned its reputation as a ‘suicide song’. Reports from Hungary alleged individuals had taken their lives after listening to the haunting melody, or that the lyrics had been left with their last letters. 

The popularity of Gloomy Sunday increased greatly through its interpretation by Billie Holiday (1941). In an attempt to alleviate the pessemistic tone a third stanza was added to this version, giving the song a dreamy twist, yet still the suicide reputation remained. Gloomy Sunday was banned from the playlists of major radio broadcasters around the world. The B.B.C. deemed it too depressing for the airwaves 

Despite all such bans, Gloomy Sunday continued to be recorded and sold. 

People continued to buy the recordings; some committed suicide. 

Rezső Seress jumped to his death from his flat in 1968. 

The newspapers of the world were quick to report other deaths associated with Seress’ song. One newspaper covered the case of a woman in North London who had been playing a 78 recording of Gloomy Sunday at full volume, infuriating and frightening her neighbors, who had read of the fatalities supposedly caused by the tune. The stylus finally became trapped in a groove, and the same piece of the song played over and over. The neighbors hammered on the woman’s door but there was no answer, so they forced the door open – only to find the woman dead in her chair from an overdose of barbiturates. As the months went by, a steady stream of bizarre and disturbing deaths that were alleged to be connected to Gloomy Sunday persuaded the chiefs at the BBC to ban the seemingly accursed song from the airwaves. Back in France, Rizzo Seress, the man who had composed the controversial song, was also to experience the adverse effects of his creation. He wrote to his ex-fiancée, pleading for reconciliation. But several days later came the most awful, shocking news. Seress learned from the police that his sweetheart had poisoned herself. And by her side, a copy of the sheet music to Gloomy Sunday was found. 

Emilie Autumn also refers to this song in her song ‘The Art of Suicide’: 

“Life is not like Gloomy Sunday With a second ending when the people are disturbed. Well, they should be disturbed because there’s a story that ought to be heard. Life is not like Gloomy Sunday With a second ending when the people are disturbed. Well, they should be disturbed because there’s a lesson that really ought to be learned.”


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The recent political environment in the country brought forth another issue that we have been ignoring for a long time. The issue of renaming NWFP to Pakhtunkhwa. Some very interesting debates took place on social networking sites and thus I had to write this blogpost to clear some misunderstandings and state some facts. Are dirty politics being played to arouse public sentiments, that may not be even legtimate?

Is it a genuine, legitimate concern of a people who fear their status and interests as equal citizens being seriously diluted in a newly-named province?

There is a lot of confusion being spread about the name. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has been proposing the most unreasonable (read:stupid) names as the inhabitants of NWFP are looking towards the top political leadership to finally name their province which represents their true identity, and why not? If Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan represent majority ethnic backgrounds of Punjabis, Sindis and Baluchis, why only Pashtuns have to bear this brunt of being politicized about the very name of their province

Some facts to have to be kept in mind, whilst making unreasonable suggestions:

  • • 1998 census showed that 73.9 per cent of NWFP’s population spoke Pashto
  • • The census figures for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) are even more revealing in terms of the Pakhtun identity of the population. In 1998 an overwhelming 99.1 per cent declared Pashtu as their mother tongue
  • • In opposing the renaming of the province to Pakhtunkhwa, only two parties naming Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Muslim League (Q) are driven by the fear of losing votes in certain non-Pashto-speaking areas.
  • • If democratic norms are to be followed, then the wishes of the majority need to be respected in the renaming. The NWFP Assembly, reflecting the will of the people, a passed resolution in favour of Pakhtunkhwa by majority vote in November 1997
  • • Pakhtun are the 2nd largest ethnic group of Pakistan after Punjabis.
  • Most of them leaders of Hazara agitation have lost the last elections (of the nine leaders leading the protests, six lost the last elections, mostly to the PML-N). Is this movement politcally motivate? OF COURSE. WHO WONT WANT TO AROUSE PUBLIC SENTIMENTS ON THE BASIS OF ETHNICITY? Gohar Ayub ? (LOL, son of a dictator, who made one Unit, GA defended one unit all his life and now protests for a new province?)
  • 7 of the total 19 chief ministers this province has had since independence, have been from Hazara, from Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan to Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi. Remember any public agitation in Pashtu-speaking areas for why a “Hazarawal” was ruling a predominantly Pashtun province, 73.9 per cent of the population that is?
  • Names reflect identity and if names are not according to your ethnic background, you will be unfairly treated, lose your identity? On principle, people who find it hard to live with Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa but happily lived with Abbottabad, which is named after Major Abbott (1849-1853), Haripur, which took its name from Ranjit Singh’s commander in chief Hari Singh Nalwa in 1822 or Mansehra, said to have been named after another Sikh commander, Man Singh.
  • But now the fire has been ignited, by these opportunist politicians, whats the solution?

REFERENDUM : The situation created in Hazara must be ignored and fuel must not be added to fire, a referendum must take place, which would again reflect what the majority represent, but would silence some guns who speak only to shine their politics!

Controversies would erupt if Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan were to be renamed today. The number of Saraiki-speakers in Punjab are 17.36 per cent of its population, compared to 75.23 Punjabis; in Sindh only 59.73 per cent of the population speaks Sindhi, while 21.05 per cent speaks Urdu; 6.99 per cent speak Punjabi and 4.19 per cent Pashto; in Balochistan, not more than 54.76 per cent of the population name Balochi as their mother tongue, compared to 29.64 per cent naming Pashto, 5.58 per cent Sindhi, 2.52 per cent Punjabi, and 2.42 per cent Saraiki. In fact, Pashto-speakers in NWFP and Fata form the largest group of a single ethnicity in any province in Pakistan. Based on the precedents set in naming other provinces, what names should be given to NWFP?

Ignoring the aspirations of the Pakhtun people (15.42 per cent), who are the second-largest ethnic group in Pakistan after Punjabis (44.15 per cent) and refusing to provide them an identity in the renaming of their province, would be both undemocratic and unjust. Especially if it comes from a party whose stronghold is Punjab and has been labelled to Punjabize all of Pakistan.

The earliest available historical proof is Akhund Darweza’s (d. 1638) Makhzanul Islam (written between 1603 and 1612). A verse in this book reads: “Pakhtunkhwa pa misal shpa wa, dai deewa wo pa andher ke” (Translation: Pakhtunkhwa was like a night and he [Pir Baba Syed Ali Termezi] was like a candle).

Dr. A. H. Dani, a well known historian and archaeologist, presently the Director of the Islamabad-based Center for the Study of the Civilizations of Central Asia, told Dawn that Pakhtunistan is a political name but Pakhtunkhwa is not. “Culturally there is no doubt that the land was called Pakhtunkhwa in Pushtu literature since 15th century (we have a trace of literature since that time only). The term has been applied for both tribal and settled areas, he added.

Similarly, the often-quoted two lines of a poem by Ahmad Shah Abdali (1723-1773), the Founding Father of Afghan state, clearly mention Pakhtunkhwa as the land of the Pashtoons or Pakhtuns. Here are the lines:

Da Dehli takht herawoma che rayad kram Zama da khpale Pakhtunkhwa da ghro saroona
(Translation: I forget my Dehli throne when I recall the mountain peaks of my own Pakhtunkhwa).

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The Principal of Pakistan Int’l School Jeddah, Wing Commander (r) Mohammed Siddiq was found guilty of misleading the Saudi Sharia Court by making false statements and denying his own signature at the police station which later was prooved to be true. He was also video taped on threatning the teachers not to support the teachers that he has sacked. The Court gave its verdict of 60 lashes and 15 days jail.

Last night the Principal PISJ managed to escape through Safe Exit Pass provided by the Ambassador Omer Sher Zai via Saudi Airlines.

Meanwhile the Saudi Court has also charged 11 teachers of taking false Oath on the Holy Quran. These teachers include:

1. Rana Arif
2. Mohammed Ors
3. Shiekh Zahoor
4. Altaf Hussain (DP)
5. Eijaz Awan
6. Munir Khan (Computer Teacher)
7. Sheikh Iqbal (Maths Teacher)
8. Sheikh Tabraiz (Islamiat Teacher)
9. Mohammed Rafiq
10. Squadran Leader (r) Munir Khan
11. Nazeer Maiser
12. Manzoor Solangi
13. Mustafa Hussain (Urf Chota)

The above teachers agreed to witness against the sacked teachers but unfortunate to them, a video tapped was presented to the court showing the Principal Mohammed Siddiq threatening the teachers in their staff room. The principal was backed by the Ambassador Omer Sherzai during the whole episode.

Sources say that they are looking into different options on getting the principal back including his arrest through interpol. The Saudi Foriegn Ministry may summon the Ambassador upon request of the Education Ministry / Victim teachers of the School. The coming days may create tension between the Saudi authorities and the Ambassador Omer Sherzai on the issue of the escape of W.C Mohammed Siddiq.

The question is, are we really willing to let our children get education from these kind of corrupt institutions and corrupt teachers???


By: Khan Taimoor from KSA
Latest News in:  before they could actually apply the court’s verdict of lashes, the principal escaped from Saudia with “Safe Exit Pass” by the ambassador…and the Ambassador was actually supporting him

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
A shocking incident recently took place at the UET Peshawar where activists of the student wing of a religious party stormed a hostel room and beat a student there, reportedly, for listening to music. The poor student was beaten black and blue with sticks and the attackers did not even spare his guests who were present in his room. The student lost his life later while his guests are critically injured.

Such Taliban-like behaviour of this students’ group in different universities throughout Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. Such incidents take place wherever this group is active. I urge the government to enforce a ban on student bodies which have been promoting violence on campuses. I also urge the government to take the student’s killers to task. We are fighting extremism in FATA while our campuses in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar teem with extremist students who are little Baitullah Mehsuds in their own right. It is high time we cleansed our centres of higher education of such fascist elements.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


The News

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When there was nothing left to burn

I set myself on fire

Holding it strong between my fingers

I lit the cigarette of desire

As nicotine overwhelmed my mind

Words began to unwind

And here I am, with no shame

Writing poetry, up in flame

There’s something mad in the puff

That makes you bear even the cough

Feel the smoke dance in front

Feel the blaze of the blunt

Forget the sorrow and the joy

Feel the magic of this toy

Those who say it kills before time

Ask them, friend, are you divine?

And those who ask:

To smoke or not to smoke

Ask them: To hope or not to hope?

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi: Plastic Tearz – An Insight

Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health. It causes cancer of all sorts and you should ‘nt really smoke, please. This was just a poetic rambling, of a smokin’ poet :P. Dont use any portion of this stupid poem as a justification to kill yourself (like you will live forever without it :P, HAHAHA)

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The student wing of Jamat-e-Islami, Islami Jamiat E Tulba (IJT) has been in the limelight for quite some time. These neo-fascists and closet Taliban have been responsbile for the most inhumane and violent behaviour in educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Yes, my friends, they are self-proclaimed caretakers of Islam who leave no stone unturned to enforce their version of Islam on others. Does it ring any bells? Taliban taking over in Swat and FATA?    

From Punjab Universitiy to Peshawar University, IJT has been guilty Taliban-like acts throughout Pakistan. They on the back of their father-fascist religio-political party, take law in their own hands just like Mullah FazlUllah or BaitUllah Mehsud did in Swat and FATA.    

I received a message from a friend, Ahmed Zubair in Peshawar yesterday which forces me to write this blogpost. I am copy-pasting the extact message he sent to me:    

Adnan, the student of 8th Semester- Civil Department UET was listening to music in his room in the Tribal hostel of UET. The members of ” Islami Jamiat talba” knocked and warned him to stop it or lower its volume. In the meanwhile, harsh comments were exchanged and a small fight also took place.
After that, other students started to mediate and tried to patch it up between them but in vain. It is said that “Islami Jamiat talba” didn’t agree.
No one had thought that a small fight would cost Adnan his life.   

After a day or two, a bunch of Jamiat students spotted Adnan and his friends and started beating them brutally with the Nail embedded Sticks. Adnan and his 4 friends were shifted to the hospital. Adnan was in ICU, in a state of coma for a week. This happened on the last Saturday i.e 13th March 2010.
Unfortunately, Adnan passed away yesterday (19th March, 2010) which gave birth to protests and strikes once again. As a result, both the Peshawar University and UET are closed for an indefinite period.   


You must also remember the bashing of Imran Khan in Punjab University Lahore, when IJT invited him and then treated him badly.    

Time has come to demand a complete ban on these neo-fascist student wings. Time to cleanse our prime educational institutions from  Talibanization and extremism.

Imran Khan mistreated by IJT


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