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The student wing of Jamat-e-Islami, Islami Jamiat E Tulba (IJT) has been in the limelight for quite some time. These neo-fascists and closet Taliban have been responsbile for the most inhumane and violent behaviour in educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Yes, my friends, they are self-proclaimed caretakers of Islam who leave no stone unturned to enforce their version of Islam on others. Does it ring any bells? Taliban taking over in Swat and FATA?    

From Punjab Universitiy to Peshawar University, IJT has been guilty Taliban-like acts throughout Pakistan. They on the back of their father-fascist religio-political party, take law in their own hands just like Mullah FazlUllah or BaitUllah Mehsud did in Swat and FATA.    

I received a message from a friend, Ahmed Zubair in Peshawar yesterday which forces me to write this blogpost. I am copy-pasting the extact message he sent to me:    

Adnan, the student of 8th Semester- Civil Department UET was listening to music in his room in the Tribal hostel of UET. The members of ” Islami Jamiat talba” knocked and warned him to stop it or lower its volume. In the meanwhile, harsh comments were exchanged and a small fight also took place.
After that, other students started to mediate and tried to patch it up between them but in vain. It is said that “Islami Jamiat talba” didn’t agree.
No one had thought that a small fight would cost Adnan his life.   

After a day or two, a bunch of Jamiat students spotted Adnan and his friends and started beating them brutally with the Nail embedded Sticks. Adnan and his 4 friends were shifted to the hospital. Adnan was in ICU, in a state of coma for a week. This happened on the last Saturday i.e 13th March 2010.
Unfortunately, Adnan passed away yesterday (19th March, 2010) which gave birth to protests and strikes once again. As a result, both the Peshawar University and UET are closed for an indefinite period.   


You must also remember the bashing of Imran Khan in Punjab University Lahore, when IJT invited him and then treated him badly.    

Time has come to demand a complete ban on these neo-fascist student wings. Time to cleanse our prime educational institutions from  Talibanization and extremism.

Imran Khan mistreated by IJT


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In response to Dr Fareeha Khanum’s letter titled “Blackwater?” (January 3), I would like to say that the respected amir of the Jamaat-e-Islami lives in a delusional world where every ill of society is blamed on America, India or Israel. Did Blackwater burn 3,000 shops and inflicted a loss of around Rs30 billion which is, by the way, equal to the budget allocated for education?
Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

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