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Are we moving in the right direction? Have we identified the cancer and are we struggling to get it removed? Or are we still living in a state of denial, pretending – nothing is wrong as dead bodies pile up everyday.

30,000 + in the last few years, damage to the military surpasses all mainstream wars of 48, 65, 71 and 99. What is the problem and how to burst our bubbles of ‘deniability’?

In the last month, I had the opportunity to meet top brass military and civilian leadership of Pakistan – Including agencies directly linked to countering extremism and formulating de-radicalization policies. And everyone resonated the same message, of how Zia’s radicalization programs became a logical consequence of these terrorists killing Pakistanis in markets, mosques, rallies, universities and shrines.

Listening to seasoned policemen, generals, journalists, politicians and common citizens of Pakistan – and their understanding of the issue gave me a positive vibe, as most of us really know where the problem stems and what the problem basically is. Some of them, living in state of denial and blaming everyone except our short-sighted policies and preferring strategic depth in neighbouring countries instead of diving deep to solve internal chaos, which consequently brought chaos in the country, could not answer when I asked, “So you are trying to say that we are sold outs and people amongst us get easily sold for foreign agendas? Which still means our foot soldiers that kill their fellow countrymen, need to given high doses of counter extremism workshops?” – Or even if “enemy” states fund and provide logistics to local insurgents, wouldnt it mean divine justice as our own state did the same few years ago?

Is this the Pakistan whose founder, belonged to a minority sect? Or whose 1st National Anthem was written by a Hindu? Or whose 1st foreign minister was an Ahmedi who also authored the Pakistan resolution? – No, sire! This is the Pakistan whose laws discriminate against its own citizens, who gave sweat and blood to this country, whose mullahs – who then opposed the creation of Pakistan and labeled our founder “Kaafir E Azam”  and since then, have been opposing almost everything, and managed to blackmail certain civilian and military governments, which ultimately succumbed to the pressure and  passed laws discriminating against its very founders.

Yes, we all know where it went wrong and what self-proclaimed “Mard e Momin” Zia ul Haq gave to this country – But, the echoes of “strategic depth” can still be heard from our esteemed offices. What strategic depth? The depth that ruined Pakistan’s economy, industry, image and stability? The depth that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Pakistanis?  — This was the point when the bliss that overwhelmed me, of them knowing what the problem is, vanished. Because, to be honest with you – if state, which single handedly crippled Pakistan and is the reason of us standing here, because of its radicalized policies is loyal to defeating terrorism, extremism and cleansing Pakistan of militancy, it can in a matter of months, like it radicalized them in the first place.

We need a counter radicalization policy. We need to breed the same respect with each others faith and beliefs, which united us 70 years ago.

”Those who still pretend that we are not a nation at war are complicit in these deaths,”

The ‘good’ Taliban, who turned bad after 911, are now broken into the good and bad, according to who listens to us and who does not, who can be a potential ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan and Kashmir after 5-10 years.  And what guarantee we have the now-good Taliban wont turn bad after 5 years makes me scream in desperation!

What strategic depth was, for the establishment of Zia, became a strategic death for our economy, progress and for our citizens. What strategic depth is for the current establishment, might become worse if we prefer to remain quiet and do not pressurize the government to abolish laws/policies demeaning the very foundations of this country.

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi | Plastic Tearz: An Insight

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Casualties of war
Casualties of war

Ever since God sent us for this test, we have faced numerous trials and tribulations. Human history is full of wars and acts disgraceful to humanity itself.  

No group/nation claims to be wrong, none ever confessed erring and no human being ever disrupted the world peace, maybe angels from heavens were descending down and making humans kill each other, sometimes in the name of God, sometimes in lust of power and sometimes for a single woman!  

Animal like characteristics overwhelm our lower selves; ego and we commit the most hideous crimes in revenge or to expect revenge. Every religion underlines the importance of “forgiving” and what splendors can this attribute of “forgiving” can infest in us. I shall go into the sapiens/Neanderthals, the crusades, the 20th century’s WWI and WWII. But reality remains that man has swum oceans like fishes and discovered secrets that one did not know existed; flown skies like birds and reached heights one’s ancestors could not even imagine, but as we enter the 21st century, a new global world where information and education is just a click away, we fail to respect each others right to live.  

World scenario changed after 911. Islamic militants, who vow to defeat the “forces of evil” triggered one of the most successful terrorist attacks in the recent history and like said above, an even bigger and more inhumane “revenge”. Uncle Sam, the holy “Saudi Arabia” and the land of pure, after instigating (read: giving birth to) Islamic militants and using them as a shield against USSR, left them alone, only to progress with automatic rifles and what progress could automatic rifles bring?  

Taliban and Al Qaeda rose to fame. The same Taliban who had Iftar dinners with Saudi kings, who were invited to USA and glorified as heroes, the same Islamic militant’s Pakistani intelligence (military) trained and were considered a strategic depth had now become enemies. Mysterious was the turn of time for them, as those who were once called valiant Mujahideen were now the worlds most wanted men. Again, like said above, no one was “wrong”. Every one party to using violence and teaching little kids the war of guerilla warfare backed out. Many international events led to Jihadi movements and its splinter groups, who believed in using terrorism as a weapon in their holy Jihad against the force of evil. They had forgotten the basic rules of how a Muslim fights, with what grace he never stoops to a level that is disgraceful to his own prestige.  

How could a super power, with a military might unparalleled in history, stand an attack on its heart? The revenge was the call. Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, aerial bombings, killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims, incorporated with rapes, torture and crimes humanity could not own became the order of the day. Again, no one was wrong!
War has long figured as a theme in poetry–after all, some of the world’s oldest surviving poems are about great armies and heroic battles. But while Homer may have idealized his combatants and revered their triumphant, incessant fighting, the treatment of war in poetry has grown increasingly more complex since then.  

The numerous conflicts of the twentieth century produced poets who sometimes chose to concentrate their writing on the horrifying effects of war on civilians. In Pablo Neruda’s famous poem about the Spanish Civil War, “I Explain a Few Things,” he discards metaphor entirely to say: “in the streets the blood of the children / ran simply, like the blood of children.” At the end of the poem he implores the reader to look at the devastating results of war:  

Come and see the blood in the streets,
come and see
the blood in the streets,
come and see the blood
in the streets!

It’s shocking how humanity has progressed in science, philosophy and other fields but still yearns to learn the art of respecting each others right to live! Some people in the land of pure, on the lines of General Zia’s radicalization policies still propagate war and racism. Some even use it as a tool to define “patriotism”, forgetting “an eye for an eye will make everyone blind”. Forgetting that a war between two nuclear armed rivals, Pakistan and India could mean humanity may cease to exist in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. (Read potential consequences of an India-Pakistan war)  

Go to war. Fight. Kill!  

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi : Plastic Tearz and Fake Smiles  


Nuclear War


Blood, Pain and suffering

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