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I wrote a poem some time ago, first stanza read:   

She had to feed her kids at home
She could not move in streets alone;
Oh not in fear of US drones
Her pride was robbed by her own   

The land of Pure – She was not sure! (Read entire poem with Video)   

Today was International Women’s Rights day, I did not seem to get the inspiration to write and think (I mostly write without thinking, read: LOL) but just when I about to hit the sack, this amazing inspiration knocked the door of my conscience.   


The status of women in Pakistan continues to fluctuate considerably across different classes, regions, and the rural/urban divide due to uneven socioeconomic development and the impact of tribal, feudal, and urban social customs on women’s lives. While some women are soaring in the skies as pilots of fighter planes, others are being buried alive for defying tribal traditions.   

When Taliban took over Swat, they enforced a complete ban on female education in the Swat district. Some 400 private schools enrolling 40,000 girls have been shut down. At least 10 girls’ schools that tried to open after the January 15, 2009 deadline by the Taliban were blown up by the militants in the town of Mingora.   

According to Dawn newspaper, the 2008 report of violence against women in Pakistan makes horrific reading. In that year alone, 7,733 cases of violence against women were reported in the media. What is shocking is the large number of women who lost their lives in this period — 1,516 were murdered while 472 were killed for reasons of ‘honor’.   

Women cannot even walk safe in the streets of land of pure. Whenever they are out shopping, the local poondi-baaz crowd would harass them, when they are out for work, they are subjected to stalking, when they drive, ambitious men trying to act cool would come in front of their cars, taxis, rickshaws, pass below the belt comments, sometimes even embarrass them as they are with their family or friends. These things I have seen personally happening in the streets of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Risalpur, Sargodha, Chakwal and Interior Sindh – as I grew up in these cities. I have also lived abroad and quite honestly, I did not witness such ignorance outside Pakistan. Maybe it is also present outside, but not at a level where we, Pakistani men take it in our land of pure.   

Respect women, please. Your personal frustrations should not spoil the image of the entire nation. Many foreigner friends who travel to Pakistan, some of them renowned journalists call me up the second day saying I need a Pistol (this has happened twice), because apparently some Pakistani men crossed the limits of Poondi and tried doing things they should have been in jail for.   

Point being made here, we are a developing society. We, by no means have the necessary education and technological advancement to have an enlightened society, but some things are taught at home and do not require traditional education. We, the Pakistani men, must learn to respect women on the streets of Pakistan.   

This might be a minor issue for some of us, but I really feel embarrassed and sad when I see the Shaheens of Iqbal, harassing women on the streets.   

It is a taboo in our society, especially for a woman, to raise voice against injustice. Many rape cases go un-noticed due to the traditional reservations associated with the female sex. Minor girls are raped and thrown in gutters, women are raped by abduction from roads. Incidents of Mukhtaran Mai, Dr. Shazia, Shazia Masih, Zareena Marri, Daewoo Hostess and others are just the tip of the ice-berg. 


Dr. Shazia


We need to educate Pakistani women, we need to respect woman-hood, for it is Paradise.    

“The sight of God in a woman is most perfect of all “ – Ibn Arabi

I also end to agree with Napoleon when he said:    

‘Give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation’    

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The rape of Daewoo’s road hostess in Sialkot was a shocking incident. More shocking it became to me, when I got to know that the poor girl had two Daewoo staff members with her in the car from which she was abducted. An armed guard and a driver, both of the “cowards” did not bother raising a single voice for the girl who was taken away to be ruthlessly raped all night and thrown in a street of Sialkot.

I read this amazing letter to editor in the news today, it mentions three incidents which deserve our attention.

A few months ago, this unsung hero of Pakistan, Pervez Masih who worked as a janitor at International Islamic University saved the lives of hundreds of girl students in the cafeteria where a God-forsaken suicide bomber was trying to enter. I met his family, a friend of mine, Maham Ali with some “awaken” members of the civil society of Islamabad worked hard to raise funds for this unsung hero, whose bravery went un-noticed, maybe because he was not wearing a uniform and was a Christian “Safae karnay wala” ?

After interacting with his mother and his wife, I came to know Masih was a normal man. A normal “common-man” of Pakistan who had extra ordinary courage to stand up and give his life for his Pakistani sisters. I call him normal because this is what “normality” teaches us, abnormality was witnessed in Sialkot when Daewoo’s sissy staff did not do anything to avert a rape-attempt.

The writer of the above cited article also mentions a shameful incident in the history of Pakistan, when a blind girl was raped in Sahiwal. He writes:

Since Ziaul Haq’s Islamisation and its discriminatory laws against women, violence against women in all its forms has been on the increase. The absurdity of these laws can be gauged from the harrowing case of a blind girl from Sahiwal in the 1980s. She had been gang-raped. But as she could not produce four pious witnesses, nor identify the rapists, she was convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning.

It is not difficult to teach us Pakistanis “normality” – for we know what needs to be done and where are we going wrong. But our apathy, ignorance and lethargy has brought us here after 62 years.

Quaid would be turning in his grave if he got to know his “Pakistanis” were letting women schools burn, letting women treated inhumanely and killing innocents in the name of God, exactly what he warned us against in his address at Constituent Assembly “Pakistan is not to be a theocratic state, ruled by some priests to accomplish their divine mission” and some odd cases like the Hero of IIU blast, Pervez Masih, were going un-noticed.

family of Masih

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