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The response was written by a friend, HK. Original piece can be found at: https://plastictearz.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/take-off-your-mask/

Take Off Your Mask – In Response

You may not see the life I’ve lived,
The scars on my face,
Or my soul within,
The truths that lie covered,
The secrets under my skin,
Where should I start, where should I begin?

Neither is there a tree nor a child behind,
Let the whirlpool of thoughts unwind in your mind,
The things that I do,
The thoughts in my mind that brew,
I will not reveal until the search for the ‘real’ me I pursue,

In clutching shackles,
Mystic fires,
Rising temptations and desires,
Walled my body may remain,
But deep inside,
The essence of my being,
I will reign,

Do you scare me?
Frustrate me?
Intice or irritate me?
The answers to these questions only be heart can decree,

To take off my mask,
How can I risk?
When the reality of my existence you haven’t tried to probe or ask,

Maybe there is,
A little of ‘you’ in ‘me’,
Waiting to be free,
There lies nothing to be exposed,
Maybe you haven’t looked deep enough,
Into my eyes,
To find a ‘you’ standing in disguise”

– Hafsa Khawaja

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Before you look in the mirror of my eyes
Dont pretend to smile, dont wear disguise
I cant see your soul, see the life you live
Only source of truth is the bit that you give

Am I talking to the tree or child behind?
The whirlpool of thoughts clutter my mind
I want to know the truth, all that you do
The things that you think, the “you” that is true

Are you looking for dogma to live like a cult
Or seeking the truth like a mystic adult
Are you looking to live, living to find
Freedom from cages that limit your mind?


Do I scare you? Frustrate you?

Intice you or irritate you?

Do I shake your concepts or weaken your trust
Do I call dust, ashes and ashes, dust?

Look in my eyes, what do you see ?
Reflection of you, with sincerity
Do you see a little of yourself in me ?
Now take off the mask, so we can be free

Call me unfaithful, call me a liar

Curse my existence, damn me to fire

But expose the real, “you” have tried to hide
It may resemble the “me” that lies inside..

– Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
A wanderer, a mad man!
Sketch Courtesy: Visaal Hashmi

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