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Dear Compatriots,

It gives us immense pleasure and infests in us, immense pride – to announce the winners of Iqbal’s Day Poetry Competition. Winners would get Rs. 10,000 each and runners up will be given a collection of Iqbal’s Poetry.

Category English – 1st Prize – Farah Scheikh ” Words of our tears ” – She writes: ” But We’ll show to the world that Pakistanis never kneel “ – Read her complete piece at: http://pya.org.pk/inquilaab/iqbals-day-poetry-competition-09/winner-of-category-english-farah-scheik/

Category English – Runner up – Arifa Batool ” Crescent Nation’s Adversity Times ” – Her short poem addresses the current wave of terrorism and she delivers a wonderful message of hope: ” Five ants are seen stuck under, the famous American dime. Pathan, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi – each ant a paradigm “. Read her piece at: http://pya.org.pk/inquilaab/iqbals-day-poetry-competition-09/runner-up-english-arifa-batool/

Category Urdu – 1st Prize – Asmarah Khan with her ” Utho Loogon ” – ” Tumharay khoon ki mae peenay ku hai ab pher say yeh dharti ; Tumharay Ishq ki lazzat say isku chor huna hai “http://pya.org.pk/inquilaab/iqbals-day-poetry-competition-09/winner-of-idpc-09-urdu-asmarah-khan/

Category Urdu – Runner up – Arsalan Abbas with his ” Yeh boo hai ju baarood e inquilaab may hai “http://pya.org.pk/inquilaab/iqbals-day-poetry-competition-09/runner-up-urdu-arsalan-abbas/

Last but not the least, may first dawn of new year bring the much needed bliss in our land of pure. May the sun-rise for the first time in 2010 tomorrow with a message of hope and determination, may it inculcate the spirit of “revival ” – May the blood soaked streets of Pakistan echo of “hope” – May Lord give us the strength and courage to hoist the flag of Pakistan at newer heights. May the flag always sour high and keep melting our hearts and guiding our souls.

Lets spare a moment in our busy lives for the prayer of hope. ” Dil say ju baat nikalti hai asar rakhti hai, par nahi taqat e parvaaz magar rakhti hai! “


Pakistan Youth Alliance

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