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Women and the Taliban
Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Every enlightened Muslim, in particular, and every enlightened human being, in general, would second Ghazala Minallah’s response titled “Wake up or shut up” (May 3) to Danielle Riaz’s letter of April 31. Ms Riaz needs to visit Swat and see the colour of misinterpreted Sharia brought by burning of schools, murder and torture, flogging and hanging of whosoever dares to speak against Fazlullah.

It is high time that likes of Danielle Riaz try to understand that peace can never be brought by violence and that ends never justify the means. The mullah and the torchbearer, hail from the same stock / They try to give light to others, but themselves are in the dark.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


This is in response to the letter titled “Impact of Sharia on women” by Danielle Ali Riaz (April 30). If the letter-writer thinks that bombing of girls’ schools, robbing of NGO and government offices, flogging of women in public and gunning down a man and a woman on suspicions of having done adultery with no proof whatsoever is not proof enough of the Taliban “straying out of true religious sharia”, then I don’t know what is. Maybe the writer wants to experience all this firsthand to understand its gravity!

Let me also get something straight. It is probably not hard to wear a burqa in public (I wouldn’t know because I never imagined wearing one) but religion does not force women to wear it. Women are expected to dress decently but at least I cannot find the blueprints of the shuttlecock burqa in either the Holy Quran or Sunnah or for that matter in the constitution. This is an Islamic state but it was founded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah who did not condone or propose a theocratic state. No wonder all the mullahs and maulvis of the time were not only against him but also against the idea of a divided India.

Also, Islam is not just about making women wear burqas and stoning people to death for adultery. The reason these two things are stressed the most by the Taliban is that it allows them to spread fear among the local population and hence magnify their power. Each of us including the Taliban are supposed to fear Allah only and no one except He has the right to judge people or declare anyone a non-Muslim. And if there’s anyone whose going to leave our land is people like Ms Riaz and the Taliban. At no cost are we abandoning our beloved country and its heritage of Sufis, poets, artists and oldest civilizations.

Madiha Zafar



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