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Her son was wrapped in flag today
The proud mother had her say:
What grace there is – to die in peace?
I raised a soldier true – Oh please!

Her tongue wagging but emotions dead
With images from news inside her head
Of blood, destruction and rape of mothers
As her country had invaded another
Countrymen hungry, sick and bare
Of basic needs – they do not care?
Just build an army and go to fight
What charm there is in peaceful night?
Heartless leaders had their reason
Talk of peace became act of treason
Bloodshed endorsed by religious minds
The holy war had made them blind
Their natural resources became their curse
For ‘our’ God, their sins grew worse
For this day of glory – we rehearsed
Arms, legs, heads – as cannons disburse
Those who heard their loved ones cry
Will hate this war – for it was a lie
There is no poetry in bloody shreds
Wait till you hear, ‘yours is dead’
War seldom has discount
As humans dead on humans mount
What patriots live and die in peace
Zaidi cut this crap – Oh please!
Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
Plastic Tearz | An Insight.

Come and see the blood in the streets,
come and see
the blood in the streets,
come and see the blood
in the streets!

It’s shocking how humanity has progressed in science, philosophy and other fields but still yearns to learn the art of respecting each others right to live! Some people in the land of pure, on the lines of General Zia’s radicalization policies still propagate war and racism. Some even use it as a tool to define “patriotism”, forgetting “an eye for an eye will make everyone blind”. Forgetting that a war between two nuclear armed rivals, Pakistan and India could mean humanity may cease to exist in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Further read ( The love of War )

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