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Thy scintillating beauty
leaves me aloft;

In union with thee
I exist not;

Reality fades, real blocked
like an adrenaline shot
the world I forgot;

like the potters wondrous hands
never caressed the skin of my thought;

When I saw the pot
My sanity lost;

Like this utterance were senseless
If you had felt the ‘ DOT

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

Inspired by the philosophy of ‘dot’ in Sufism as my master Bulleh Shah says:

Pharh Nukta Chourh Hisabaan Nu
Chadd Dozakh Gor Azaabaan Nu
Kar Bund Kufar Diyaan Baabaan Nu
Ker Saaf Dile Diyan Khuwabaan Nu
Gal Aise Ghar Vich Dhukdi Eh
Ik Nukte Vich Gahl Mukdi Eh

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