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I don’t imply to sound too cynical but I am a little worried about the newly crowned star of Pakistan – Naseem Hameed. The fastest woman of South Asia, who won Gold Medal at SAF Games in Dhaka this year.

Every Ali, Akhtar and Allah Rakha in Pakistan knows about her, she spearheads Mobilink’s campaign with 6 minutes documentary-video being played again and again in top Pakistani channels. Watch this if you haven’t:

So, maybe this new bright star athlete, who won SAF GAMES was given stardom and this poor ol’ Sara Nasir got nothing.

Yes, now you’d be wondering who Sara Nasir is, she won a Gold Medal (Karate) in the same event in which Naseem was crowned the princess of Pakistan. But sadly, no telecom giant owns her and Ali, Akhtar and Allah Rakha just don’t care! Why?

I mean they both won Gold Medals, so what if she runs and she kicks, they both deserve to share the crown together, no?

P.S: Not meant to undermine the “fastest woman of South Asia” – but to inform the Ali, Akhtar and Naseebo about a similar achievement which might be going un-noticed as Sara is not the brand ambassador of a telecom giant.

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