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Yes, we all are hearing about the “Draw a Muhammad Day” campaign and how muslim-masses have reacted to the blasphemous campaign. Though, facebook has to be protested against, but we should not lose our marbles, because the protest has to be aimed at a possible bias in facebook’s reporting abusive or hateful material.

I have interacted with facebook staff quite a number of times concerning this, and everytime they did respond back (as they should). Once, this hatepage surfaced against me, calling to hang me and labelling me as traitor, for voicing out army’s intervention in civilian matters. View Ali Abbas Zaidi The Traitor blogpost here to read the contents of the page, which was pretty much spreading “hate” and being “abusive”.

Some friends and confidants reported it and a friend Zain emailed facebook, cc’ing me and we received this reply as the page was taken off:

Hi Zain,

After reviewing the content, we have removed the reported group based on our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If you need to report potential policy violations to Facebook in the future, please use the “Report” links located near most pieces of content on the site. We will then review the material and take the appropriate action. Please rest assured that these reports will be kept confidential.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

Many similar pages, against the dictator Musharraf, many activist groups were taken down by facebook for similar reasons. Dr Awab wrote on Teeth Maestro about how Peoples Resistance was taken down. (Read Awab’s blogpost).
Though facebook is not the campaign itself, for the campaign can go on with or without facebook, but we need to protest against facebook’s biased attitude when it comes to these pages/groups spreading hatred on racial, ethnic and religious basis. This “Draw a Muhammad Day” directly hurts the feelings of billions of muslims around the globe, and Muhammad (p) is revered to by not only muslims, but non-muslims alike. A page circulated in reponse to this, saying “Everybody draw a holocaust Day” which was taken off within hours, which means it is not apathy on the part of facebook, as they would be receiving millions of reports on the aforementioned page. Certain religious sentiments are not to be incited, for religion remains to be a personal matter and in this troubling time, media and social networking hubs have immense responsibility on their shoulders as they are propagating machines/tools. They need to keep their yardstick same, while banning/censoring content as if they dont, cries of “bias” will be echoed everywhere, and they are here, for the right reasons 🙂
Why has facebook not responded in time and not taken this hate-page off , which disguises itself as Freedom of Speech activist page, but infact is throwing ignorant rants about the fastest growing religion of the world? And in turn, inticing a war between religions? The content on the page can be reviewed by my non-muslim friends and it is in clear violation of their terms of service specially item 3.7.
It is time facebook realises the bias in its policies and listens to the concerns of its users, if it is to grow, the way it has over the years.

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