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The Principal of Pakistan Int’l School Jeddah, Wing Commander (r) Mohammed Siddiq was found guilty of misleading the Saudi Sharia Court by making false statements and denying his own signature at the police station which later was prooved to be true. He was also video taped on threatning the teachers not to support the teachers that he has sacked. The Court gave its verdict of 60 lashes and 15 days jail.

Last night the Principal PISJ managed to escape through Safe Exit Pass provided by the Ambassador Omer Sher Zai via Saudi Airlines.

Meanwhile the Saudi Court has also charged 11 teachers of taking false Oath on the Holy Quran. These teachers include:

1. Rana Arif
2. Mohammed Ors
3. Shiekh Zahoor
4. Altaf Hussain (DP)
5. Eijaz Awan
6. Munir Khan (Computer Teacher)
7. Sheikh Iqbal (Maths Teacher)
8. Sheikh Tabraiz (Islamiat Teacher)
9. Mohammed Rafiq
10. Squadran Leader (r) Munir Khan
11. Nazeer Maiser
12. Manzoor Solangi
13. Mustafa Hussain (Urf Chota)

The above teachers agreed to witness against the sacked teachers but unfortunate to them, a video tapped was presented to the court showing the Principal Mohammed Siddiq threatening the teachers in their staff room. The principal was backed by the Ambassador Omer Sherzai during the whole episode.

Sources say that they are looking into different options on getting the principal back including his arrest through interpol. The Saudi Foriegn Ministry may summon the Ambassador upon request of the Education Ministry / Victim teachers of the School. The coming days may create tension between the Saudi authorities and the Ambassador Omer Sherzai on the issue of the escape of W.C Mohammed Siddiq.

The question is, are we really willing to let our children get education from these kind of corrupt institutions and corrupt teachers???


By: Khan Taimoor from KSA
Latest News in:  before they could actually apply the court’s verdict of lashes, the principal escaped from Saudia with “Safe Exit Pass” by the ambassador…and the Ambassador was actually supporting him

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