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Interview & story narration on American Public Radio (10th August, 2010), with Dick Gordon. The program is called “The Story”

 Listen to the entire program here : http://www.4shared.com/audio/oioPbuz6/TheStorycut.html

22:00 onwards..

Dick Gordon: Do you see any chance for civil society in the future of Pakistan?

SAAZ: ” I am a very optimistic person. Hoplessness is a sin for me. I see hope. And I do believe that it takes a lot of rubs, to get polished. We will be, what we wanted to be. We will have the country, we aspired to have. With 65 % of Pakistan’s population being, who are very different to their fathers generations, I surely see hope

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Picture Courtesy: Sheikh Shakeel Ahsan (@ Jampur, District Rajanpur on 17th Aug, 2010)

They cried of drought and foreign hands

And now flood overflows their lands

As monsoon clouds vomit deadly rains

No school, no mosque, nothing remains


Some watch it drizzle against their glass

Some watch TV and ‘just’ cry alas!

As rivers over spilled into homes

Leaving behind  bodies, cries & foams


Thousands dead and millions roam

On streets in search of their homes!

Whilst apathetic ones still lay on bed

And talk of hows and whens like said:


“What will I save if I get drowned?

Should that day might come;

My car, my belongings or my golden crown

I have to save before I run”


As he dreamt of noah’s ark

Lights went off and it went dark

Water level began to rise

And he could not save his poor life!


Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

Plastic Tearz | An Insight

The 2010 floods remain to be the biggest natural disaster in the history of Pakistan and in the recent history of the entire world. Lend a helping hand to the 20 million affected, as the same can happen with us. Let’s vow to help, light and fight.

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