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As flood devastated Pakistan and nearly half of Pakistan was under water, the terrorists led a wave of suicide attacks in Pakistan. A fellow activist & friend, Ali Irtaqa lost his brother in the Sept 3rd attack on Al Quds rally in Quetta. As I received the news, I was in middle of delivery to flood victims in South Punjab and it really tore my heart. As if the floods werent enough to devastate the already blood-soaked streets of my country.  The irony of this particular attack on Sept 3rd was, the rally was takien out against occupation of Al Quds (Palestine) and was predominantly an anti-American/Zionist initiative. Those killing innocent Pakistanis arent even ready to find “common grounds” with other sects/schools of thought. America/India/Israel might be a problem for Pakistan, but the bigger evil resides within and has been ignored for decades. I wanted to write about this but found a very touching piece written by Rab Nawaz about the on-going sectarian clashes in the country.

My friend’s brother has just died, a cute teenager starting his college. He was injured in Quetta Blast few days back. I feel shattered and ashamed. This is a mournful day. Every day is mournful day here; the only difference is that we seldom feel it. Before that another friend’s brother died in attack on Ahmedies’ mosque, and before that another friend’s aunt died in Moon Market blast. My friend, relative, brother or even I could have died in any of these incidents. What difference does it make except that the family and relatives would mourn for a day or few. A person is worth a day’s mourning.

How pathetically selfish I am. Why don’t I count people beyond my acquaintance? Why don’t I mourn for them? Indeed I do. Whenever I shed a tear for a person, it is not only for that person but for the loss of a human life. Human life, the most precious thing I can imagine in universe. How cheaper it has become. How many precious lives have we lost by this monster of religious fanaticism. How many bight minds and healthy bodies!

I wonder folks are still denying the cause of this mayhem. They present excuses for what is happening around. They happen to deny it only because they share their religion with those who are responsible. Through their denial they not only deprave those whom we lost but abet the loss that we may have in the future. I tell you this is a fire that would annihilate us and our future generations. We would even not be able to escape it. As a matter of fact the time has come or will come very soon when you have to decide whether you stand for human life or you just go on fooling yourself that you will be safe. Latter is to live like you are dead.

For my part, I say that they may take any life they can, including me, but will not be able to stop me from standing for the lives we are left with. In other words, I will not die while I live.

By: Rab Nawaz

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