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The majestic Abida Parveen weaving magic with her voice and the words of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed.

Menda Ishq vi tu – Abida Parveen – download the song

Abida- arveen

The heart-piercing Pathanay Khan also sings the same kalam:

Menda Ishq vi tu – Pathanay Khan – download the song

Pathanay Khan

The piece sung by Abida Parveen is irregular. She has masterly knitted together various verses from different kalaams of Ghulam Fareed into one song. I am writing lyrics of the original few lines, detailed work on it would follow.

Every song that I share on my blog here is not a mere song. Please try to get mesmerized with Baba Ghulam Fareed’s love.  Through his words, Ghulam Fareed is trying to express his love for his beloved, Hazur Muhammad (PBHU)

Sufi Poetry would not be the same after reading Khawaja Ghulam Fareed. Sufi music wont be the same after listening to the songs above.

Menda ishq wi tu meda yaar wi tu
My love as well as my beloved is you
Menda deen wi tu eeman wi tu
My religion as well as my faith is you
Menda jism wi tu meda rooh wi tu
My body as well as my soul is you
Menda kalb wi tu jind jaan wi tu
My heart as well as my heartbeat is you.
Menda kaba kibla masjad te member
My ka’ba (in Mecca), Qiblah (direction of ka’ba), mosque, pulpit…
mus’haff te quraan we tu
Copy of the Qur’an as well as the Qur’an itself is you.
Menday farz fareezay haj zakatan
My religious duties and obligations, hajj (pilgrimages), Zakaat (charities)…
saum salatan azaan wi tu
Fasting, Salaat (Prayer), as well as the Azaan (the call to prayer) is you.
Mendi zuhid ibadat
My humble ibadat (worship)…
tooq taqwa
My fear and God-consciousness…
ilm vee tu irfan vee tu
Knowledge as well as intelligence is you.
Menda zikr vee tu
My remembrance is also you.
Menda fikr vee tu
My concern/worry is also you.
Menda tooq vee tu
My fear is you…
wajdan vee tu
Inner consciousness is also you.
Menda sanwal methra sham saloona
My sweet beloved… [sorry can’t translate literally]
mun mohan janan vee tu
desire and life is you. [sorry can’t translate literally
Menda murshad hadi peer treeqat
My spiritual guide, spiritual teacher…
shiekh haqiat jaan vee tu
sheikh of guiding me to know the truth is also you.
Menda aas umeed tay khatya wataya
My wish, hope and [can’t translate]
takya maan kalam vee tu
[can’t translate] My takya and kalam is also you ?
Menda bharm vee tu
My belief is also you.
Menda dharm vee tu
My religion is you.
Menda sharm vee tu
My shyness/decency is also you.
Menda shaan vee tu
My grandeur/glory is also you.
Menda dukh sukh roowan
My worries and relief, cries…
dard vee tu darmaan vee tu
pain as well as the cure is you,
Mendi khushian da asbaab vee tu
My source of happiness is also you.
Menda bakht vee tu
My good fortune is also you.
naam vee tu nishaan vee tu
My name as well as fame is you.
Menda husn tey bhag suhaag vee tu
My beauty, garden and wedding is also you!

Menda ishq wi tu meda yaar wi tu
My love as well as my beloved is you.

Like always, cant help writing another verse of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed:

Uth Farida sutiya tu duniya dekhan ja,

Je koi mil jaye bakshaya tan tu wi balshaya ja


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