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The news of some Pakistani players involved in spot-fixing came as a shock to a nation already in distress. Amidst the biggest natural disaster of the century, as 20 Million people yearn to have their lives back, our cricketers allegedly sold country’s pride. Anyone who puts a price tag on his country’s pride & prestige is bound to be dispised. Anger gripped the streets of Pakistan as International media kept on bombarding various stories relating to Pakistani players invovlement in spot/match fixing.

Of course, we cannot investigate and unveil the facts within our individual capacities, but certain elements have been pointing out to exactly this. Our constant ignorance to a matter very imporant to national pride was ignored for years and no counter-action to ensure fair-play was enacted. Here, Justice Qayyum’s report of his investigation into match fixing fiasco more than a decade ago, is crossposted: Justice Qayyum’s Report. Justice Qayyum pointed at some loop-holes and gave recommendations regarding cleansing Pakistan cricket team of such traitors but the names he wanted to be on probation, were given high-posts in PCB in the coming years. The current coach of Pakistan team, Waqar Younis was also fined.

It is also interesting to read the following article in daily Jang on 27th, July 2010 (a month before english newspaper broke the news) where Majid Bhatti clearly indicates that one of the reasons for Afridi to quit captaincy was his players close association with Azhar and Mazhar brothers (the bookies who now have verifiable proof against them)

I am cross-posting this here because certain Pakistanis in their ‘state of denial’ label everything as a conspiracy without trying to look inside for errors. From Generals to Judges, from politicians to cricketers – who hasnt been selling out in the land of pure? We need to realize our mistakes, only then can we embark on a journey towards enlightment and progress. There will no progress if ‘sell-outs’ are not punished and made an example of. There will be no betterment, if rotten eggs are not thrown out the window. Closing eyes to reality wont change reality, running away from facts wont change facts. Standing tall and confessing to errs, rethinking, revisiting and vowing never to do it again — might 🙂


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