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Tuesday, March 16, 2010
With reference to the letter “A new leaf?” by Imaan Hazir (March 9), I would like to urge the media to highlight Mai Jori’s brave stand and encourage women like her so we can have true democracy in Pakistan. Mai Jori contested the election from an area which was recently brought into focus due to a heinous crime committed against women. Some women were buried alive there in 2008 in the name of ‘honour’.

Mai Jori deserves our full encouragement even if she has lost. The face of Pakistani politics can only be changed if women like her take a stand and vow to fight against old tribal customs and injustices committed in the name of honour.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


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JAFARABAD: Female candidate for PB-25 Jafarabad, Mai Jori Sunday said that feudal lords and capitalists have always robbed the poor of their rights, pushing them further below the poverty line and now labourers are worried even about their one time meals.

Addressing her maiden public meeting here at a roundabout of Osta Muhammad, Mai Jori said despite belonging to an illiterate family associated with peasantry she decided to participate in the by-elections due to the atrocities of the feudal lords. I request you to vote me to victory, she added, promising that she would bring revolutionary changes in the living standards of the people if elected.

A number of the people from the crowd garlanded Mai Jori and presented her Balochi dopattas.

Mai Jori

Yes, this is Pakistan and yes, a peasant is contesting elections in Baluchistan. Mai Jori Jamali (Mijori) lives in Goth Ghulam Mohammad Jamali. She is an illiterate mother of nine children. She travels 2 kilometers to fetch water for her family. She and her husband farm a small piece of agricultural land. Mai Jori is also a candidate in the Baluchistan Assembly bye-elections for the PB-25 Jaffarabad-1 seat.

Mai Jori would be contesting against Mir Attaullah Bulledi, an independent candidate with the support of the PML-N, prominent landlords, a former federal minister and  PPP candidate. Nasir Khan Jamali,

Huma Yusuf wrote a wonderful piece on Dawn today highlighting Mai, Issue Based Politics

Also, props to Teeth Maestro for highlighting Mai Jori’s brave stand.

Politics in Pakistan is no bed of roses, facts remain that two of the richest men in the country are the chairmen of two biggest political parties in the country. Mai’s chances of winning are weak, but she surely has raised some eyebrows and given hope to challenging the “Politics for the Rich” culture in Pakistan.


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