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There is a voice inside us all, at times subtle and at times scratching our soul to be noticed – to be heard, a voice that always resonates in melody to the world and hereafter.  This is the voice of truth, the calling of our soul and certainty, the buzz to wake up and dive inside ourselves and discover the inner-universe which is bigger than the outer one. In a burst of inspiration, this inner calling has the potential to change us. To destroy the barriers of thought we had built around it, growing up.

This inner calling injected in me, the thirst of know Rumi, as the first time I came across this quatrain as kid of 13, I was speechless: 

Do you think I know what I’m doing,
That for a moment, or even half a moment,
      I know what verses will come from my mouth?

I am no more than a pen in a writer’s hand,
No more than a ball smacked around by a polo stick!

Such an inner calling made Rumi an unrivaled master of ecstatic verse. The Islamic scholar A. J. Arberry writes, “In Rumi we encounter one of the world’s greatest poets. In profundity of thought, inventiveness of image, and triumphant mastery of language, he stands out as the supreme genius of Islamic mysticism. “And R. A. Nicholson, who dedicated his life to Islamic studies, called Rumi “the greatest mystical poet of any age.”

Some words pop out of page and mesmerize your senses. Master Rumi has given life to every word that he wrote; and everyone who is blessed with the opportunity to read him, beholds the bare words of the soul clad in living form. Rumi’s poetry has the miraculous ability to show us this truth and to unlock soul’s dormant secrets. Within the folds of his words we gain entrance to a hidden hall; we hear whispers that are intrinsic, yet open new dominions of understanding; we witness the endless love story between the individual soul and God. Like looking into a mirror, or like being in the presence of a holy being, reading Rumi’s words show us ourselves and our state, it shows us the illimitable glory of what we can become.

Master’s epitaph, beside his tomb reads:

“When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men.”

And surely, Rumi lives in the hearts of men…

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