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Friday, August 14, 2009

It saddens me, as it would sadden any enlightened Pakistani to read Brig (r) Asif Alvi’s letter of Aug 3. Being an exceptional military commander does not mean one can storm into any public office by force, make promises and never live up to them. It does not give one the right to take the law into one’s own hands and to play with the constitution. If this were the case, in one’s humble opinion, Baitullah Mehsud could have been a top contender for the post of president of Pakistan as his capabilities as a military commander cannot be doubted.

All Musharraf apologists need to realise the fact that a dictator remains a dictator, no matter what he is in terms of personal disposition and/or temperament. All his so-called friends, who were nothing more than opportunists, have left him. I request all Musharraf apologists to request their commander to come back to the country and face the music like the brave man they say he is.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


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