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Like I always say, The Land of Pure – With Impure Inhabitants.

A friend today, pasted this link to me. He said it’s urgent. I was like what? He said: “ ALI ABBAS ZAIDI THE TRAITOR “ – I said show.

And hence like they always say,  how to gauge whether you are really making a difference or not, do you matter or not? As they never kick a dead horse.

Those who know me, know my service (read: practical work) for my homeland and I would not paste links of newspapers/TV clippings here to prove what is/was my duty to my homeland, I would not even argue on the absurd content written on this group, as my stance on the baseless allegations is known to all. ISI/Army’s meddling in certain affairs has caused Pakistan more damage then good, every enlightened journalist/analyst/historian/common-man knows this, no one undermines individual sacrifices of our brave men, I myself come from a military background, with many of my relatives and immediate family serving the armed forces at very influentional posts, I never had a problem with the jawans, I have problem with some generals who ruined Pakistan and brought us here. Again, I can paste you here “actual” work done by me in regards to saluting our martyrs, heroes and jawans but thy knowest.

I even know where it springs from, who is promoting it, who/why they are running it and where are they coming from, but the man I was raised knows how to forgive the ignorant. I can go to the level of 2nd-grader’s leg-pulling and maybe do it more effectively, or go to the level of extreme-teen’s “fight” mode, or a mature-rift mode where I know how to handle such “politics” but I dont get down like that.

May Lord show you light!

P.S: It says ” Ali Abbas spent so much time in his engrng that he forgot to get a haircut, because of which all the senses got distorted and he started writing brilliant bullshit in his “Plastic Tears, Tissue Fears” collection. TRAITOR. ” – Haha – “brilliant”

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