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The history of sports is filled with romantic stories of unlikely triumphs. Pakistan’s T20 World Cup victory against Sri Lanka in June, after defeat in the first T20 WC final was the stuff of folklore. Someday, someone will make a film called, Boom Boom Pakistan!

All eyes on the boys in green once again, as they land in West Indies to defend the worthy title. Pakistan is the top ranked team in T20 version of the game, which has played 14 matches in WC’s and won 10 out of them. But the unpredictable lineup, known to be flamboyant, teeming with raw talent, ready to roar against any team certainly battles two opponents most the times, one is the team they are playing, other themselves.

Dynamic players like Razzak, Butt, Hafeez, Akmal, Asif, “young” Amir, Ajmal, Misbah need a strong captain and Afridi is fit to the task it seems. Intrinsic aggression with polished exuberance can only ensure victory for Pakistan. The shaky and often-trembling batting line-up would be the key, for the bowling department has enough variety and fire-power to oust any batting lineup. From the initial matches of the WC T20, pitches are low and slow, suiting medium paced cutters and spinners. Ajmal, Rehman, Razzak, Alam, Asif and Afridi would find the in-roads, whilst all eyes would be on the batting to live up to the standards of a world champion. Wickets in Pakistan are generally on the slower side, which favors our boys but fingers would be crossed.

Captaincy would be a defining role, for when to use spinners and batsmen who can bat anywhere from no. 1 to no. 6 will mean long lasting effects on the game on that particular day. So, the limelight is on the master of this version of the game, Shahid Khan Afridi.


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