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As Pakistani cricket team suffered another humiliating defeat today, to complete a white-wash of the ODI series after murder on the ground by Australian team in the test matches, we saw another great spectacle of carelessness/stupidity by our own, Shahid Khan Afridi.

The man famous for his exuberance and flamboyant attitude on the cricket field became too exuberant and careless once again. Previously our own, Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif have been known to be “stupid” on and off the field, recently,

Then Afridi had his moment of madness. While talking to his bowler, he decided to take a bite of the ball, trying to hide from the 26 cameras trained on him. Afridi should never try and pass himself off as a master of deception, because it was so obvious what he was trying to do.

There was another incident at the WACA on Sunday. The moron who ran out on the ground and tackled Khalid Latif from behind late in the match. While the Pakistani opener laughed the incident off, the fact remains that no amount of fines can detract these idiots from acting in a completely irresponsible manner and risking the health and safety of others.

Pakistani cricket needs reforms, as the Pakistani nation needs it too. PCB needs a re-think, as the government of Pakistan needs a re-think too. Are only PCB and Pakistani government to blame when the players and common people of Pakistan are so apathetic, careless and selfish?

Shahid Khan Afridi

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