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Some serious lessons need to be learnt from the UN Commission’s report on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Surely there was a security lapse, lack of coordination and incompetence on the part of our premier intelligence agencies whose character has been dubious ever since their role was expanded in the political sphere. The UN Commission’s report might be the first formal and written proof of how certain agencies undermine democracy. It is high time all democratic forces joined hands and curtailed the covert operations of these agencies by redefining their role.

Redefining the role of intelligence agencies with minimum interference in civilian matters is the need of the hour. It will also strengthen their professional capabilities and make our countrymen more secure. The Quaid-e-Azam had rightly ordered the uniformed men not to interfere in civilian matters and never assume the role of policy-makers.

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


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Report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry into the facts and circumstances of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto


Exposed dubious roles of various segments, agencies and influentional people that led to the death of BB.

Click here to download pdf.

More on the findings of the report soon.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is with reference to your editorial “Dasti and the PM” (April 12). Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has appointed former MNA Jamshed Dasti as his adviser on livestock. He had to resign from his National Assembly seat when his graduation degree was found to be a fake. Instead of sending him to jail, the prime minister has elevated him to a position where he will enjoy even more perks and privileges at our expanse. While Jamshed Dasti, a PPP politician who cheated not only the Election Commission of Pakistan but also the residents of his own constituency, has been rewarded by Prime Minister Gilani, his namesake, Nasir Jamshed, a poor cricketer, was recently sent to jail for allegedly cheating in his Class IX exams.

Isn’t it injustice that one cheat is instantly arrested and sent to jail while the other is made adviser to the prime minister of Pakistan? The prime minister should appoint Nasir Jamshed as his adviser on cricket affairs too. Mr Prime Minister, if you continue to have people with dubious credentials and tainted past as your advisers and ministers, your honesty of purpose will come into question. Please do away with dishonest people like Jamshed Dasti; you can surely do better without such characters in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

Group-Captain (r) Saeed Nawaz Khan



It is a matter of shame that such a big political party, instead of sidelining people who lie and cheat openly, has chosen to ignore the bad conduct of Mr Dasti by allowing him to represent it as an adviser to the prime minister. How can one trust a man like Jamshed Dasti who forged his degree to become an MNA?

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


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With reference to the news item titled “Video of girl’s flogging in Swat was fake” (March 29), one would like to enquire about the source and authenticity of the claims made in the report. The report doesn’t mention the name of the NGO which allegedly provided financial support in the making of the video.

It alleges that some elements in the establishment needed public support for military action in Swat and thus engineered the drama to develop a hype about the matter. If an Islamabad-based NGO paid money to get a ‘fake’ video made, then did the Taliban spokesman, Muslim Khan, also take money to claim that the TTP indeed carried out the flogging?

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


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M. Tahir Javed is 34 year old with the disability of Muscular Dystrophy living his family in G-9, Islamabad. He is the only one son of his parents. Both his parents are disabled too and his two sisters are married. Tahir called and requested PYA to provide monetory help for a special motorcycle, which PYA will get made for him, by converting the normal motorcycle into a special version he can use.

Help us make a difference in someones life! Those living in Islamabad can also visit the aggrieved family in G-9. Those living outside can send someone to see the conditions in which the brave disabled family is managing in these troubling times.

We request the youth of Pakistan to help is this noble cause and we will document the change we brought in his life and update everyone, via internet.

We aim to raise enough funds to buy a new motorcycle, the cost of converting the normal motorcycle and the expertise are with us. We are collaborating with renowned NGO for disabled, SAAYA, in this initiative and will utilize their technical resources.

Dard-e-dil ke wastay paida kia insaan ko ;
warna taa’at ke liye kuch kum na thay kar-o-biaan

Thanking in anticipation,


Chair – Pakistan Youth Alliance
Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
Contact – +92-333-4532030

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